1: 1. Start a blog or YouTube channel 2. Freelance in your skill 3. Sell crafts online

2: 4. Become a virtual assistant 5. Offer online tutoring services 6. Rent out a room on Airbnb

3: 7. Invest in stocks or real estate 8. Do online surveys or gigs 9. Create and sell digital products

4: 10. Offer pet sitting or dog walking services 11. Sell your photography or art online

5: 12. Become a social media influencer 13. Start a podcast or online course 14. Write and publish an ebook

6: 15. Rent out your car or parking space 16. Do affiliate marketing or sponsored content

7: 17. Participate in focus groups or market research studies 18. Teach a fitness or dance class online

8: 19. Offer cooking classes or sell baked goods 20. Provide consultation services in your expertise

9: 21. Do freelance writing or editing work 22. Start a dropshipping business

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