1: 1. "Tokyo Ghoul" - Follow Kaneki's journey from human to ghoul. 2. "Another" - A mysterious curse haunts Yomiyama North High School. 3. "Parasyte" - Shinichi battles alien parasites taking over humanity. 4. "Corpse Party: Tortured Souls" - Students trapped in a cursed school.

2: 5. "Hellsing Ultimate" - The Hellsing Organization fights vampires and ghouls. 6. "High School of the Dead" - Survivors battle zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. 7. "Elfen Lied" - Lucy escapes a research facility to seek revenge. 8. "Mirai Nikki" - Diary holders fight in a deadly survival game.

3: 9. "Shiki" - A mysterious disease turns a small town into vampires. 10. "Attack on Titan" - Humanity fights giant humanoid Titans for survival. 11. "Gantz" - Dead people are forced to participate in lethal missions. 12. "Blood+" - Saya battles vampire-like creatures known as chiropterans.

4: 13. "Ajn-chan wa Kataritai" - A ghost girl's heartwarming story of friendship. 14. "Ghost Hunt" - Psychic investigators uncover chilling mysteries. 15. "Yami Shibai" - Creepy ghost stories told through traditional Japanese art. 16. "Jigoku Shoujo" - Enma Ai sends evildoers to Hell in a supernatural revenge story.

5: 17. "Higurashi When They Cry" - A small village hides dark secrets and mysteries. 18. "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex" - Cybernetic cops battle cyber-terrorism. 19. "Mononoke" - A mysterious medicine seller exorcises malevolent spirits. 20. "Boogiepop Phantom" - A sinister presence stalks the streets of City A.

6: 21. "Serial Experiments Lain" - Lain delves into the Wired and reality blurs. 22. "Perfect Blue" - An idol's life spirals into madness and murder. 23. "Paprika" - Dreams and reality merge in a psychotherapist's device. 24. "Terror in Resonance" - Teenage terrorists leave cryptic clues in Tokyo.

7: 25. "Shinsekai Yori" - A utopian society hides dark secrets of its past. 26. "Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musume-tachi" - An immortal private investigator takes on supernatural cases. 27. "Deadman Wonderland" - Ganta navigates a deadly prison amusement park. 28. "Gyo" - Sea creatures invade Japan in a nightmarish apocalypse.

8: 29. "Vampire Hunter D" - D hunts vampires in a post-apocalyptic world. 30. "Pet Shop of Horrors" - A mysterious pet shop fulfills sinister desires. 31. "Darker than Black" - Contractors with supernatural powers navigate a murky world. 32. "Blue Gender" - Survivors battle giant insects in a bleak future Earth.

9: 33. "King's Game" - High school students face deadly supernatural challenges. 34. "Shin Godzilla" - A new Godzilla terrorizes Japan in a modern retelling. 35. "Serial Experiments Lain" - The boundary between the real world and the wired blurs in a cyberpunk mystery.

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