2024 Liberty & Britannia Coin and Medal Images, Prices and Release Date Revealed

The US Mint released photos, pricing, mintages, and a release date for its 2024 Liberty & Britannia Gold Coin and Silver Medal. U.S. Mint Chief Engravers and Britain's Royal Mint designed these goods.

The gold coin and silver medal will go on pre-order on Feb. 8, with 30-day periods. The.999 fine silver medal has a mintage of 75,000 and the.9999 fine gold coin 10,000. Gold coins are limited to 1 household order and silver medals to 2. These ordering limitations usually lift after 24 hours of sales.

Both have proof finishes, 1-ounce weights, and designs. Proofs are the highest-quality US Mint coins, with frosted patterns and mirror-like backgrounds. Polished blank planchets are struck several times with specific dies. Mandatory coin inscriptions, production facilities (West Point for gold and Philadelphia for silver), and costs differ between the two.

The coin and medal's obverses (heads side) feature allegorical Liberty and Britannia in stoic profile portraits, created by Chief Engravers Joseph Menna of the US Mint and Gordon Summers of The Royal Mint. They incorporate complementary and balanced elements reminiscent of playing card faces.

Liberty has a torch and stars, whereas Britannia has a trident and Corinthian helmet. This side reads "LIBERTY" and "2024."

Menna designed the reverses (tails side) to show the sun rising over the Atlantic Ocean between two coastlines. Great Basin Bristlecone Pine and English Yew trees are west and east, respectively. These components represent both nations and their future partnership.

The gold coin features inscriptions such as "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA," "LIBERTY AND BRITANNIA," "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "AU 24 1 oz.," "IN GOD WE TRUST," and "$100." Silver medalists must be from "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" or "LIBERTY AND BRITANNIA."

A price of $89 has been decided upon for the medal; this is the price. As for the gold coin, its value might shift on a weekly basis depending on the current trend in the value of gold in comparison to the price matrix used by the United States Mint.

On February 8 at 12:00 Eastern Time, pre-orders for both collectibles will be available. Orders may be placed by going to the product website for the coin and medal that is maintained by the United States Mint.

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