3 Growth Stocks with 14+ Year Dividend Increases(Part-2) 

Visa expects credit card spending to increase as the economy improves. The firm is already at the forefront of its field, so it has a great chance of growing even bigger and more valuable in the future.

The stock has increased its dividend every year since 2009, and its 10-year returns are close to 400%. This dividend growth company is perfect for long-term investment because to its low payout ratio of 22%.

Nineteen years of Costco Wholesale Costco, a warehouse club, has been steadily raising its dividend for the past twenty years. Its yield of 0.6% may not be very impressive, but it is only part of the picture. 

The stock has been an incredible investment—it has increased 500% in the last decade—which is a major reason why the yield isn't greater.

The enticing profits compensate greatly for the meager dividend yield. In addition, Costco has handed out special dividends on many occasions. A special dividend of $15/share was handed out not long ago, which is more than triple the company's yearly payout of $4.08.

On sales of $245.7 billion, Costco made almost $6.5 billion in the last twelve months. Despite the slim margin of 2.7%, this company has shown its mettle by strategically deciding which areas to enter and which items to offer.

In fiscal 2023, which concluded on September 3, 2023, the company's top line hit $242.3 billion, demonstrating tremendous increase in the prior several years. In the span of only three years, that has grown by almost 45 percent.

As an underappreciated dividend investment, Costco is a great long-term stock to purchase thanks to its sturdy and flexible operation.