1: Discover the top 4 FiveMin Mediterranean lunch recipes packed with magnesium for weight loss.

2: Try the delicious Greek salad with chickpeas for a healthy dose of magnesium and low calorie intake.

3: Indulge in a mouthwatering quinoa tabbouleh packed with fresh herbs and veggies for a satisfying lunch.

4: Don't miss the creamy hummus wrap with grilled veggies, a filling meal rich in magnesium and nutrients.

5: Savor the flavorful stuffed bell peppers with lentils and feta cheese, a perfect balance of protein and magnesium.

6: Enjoy a refreshing watermelon and feta salad, a light and hydrating lunch option for a magnesium boost.

7: Try the protein-packed lentil soup with a twist of Mediterranean flavors, perfect for a satisfying lunch.

8: Treat yourself to a hearty whole grain couscous bowl with roasted vegetables, a nutritious meal for weight loss.

9: Finish off with a sweet and savory fruit and nut couscous salad, a tasty and magnesium-rich option for a healthy lunch.

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