1: 1. "Bánh mì with lean pork and fresh veggies is a healthy twist on this classic sandwich."

2: 2. "Healthy pho made with zucchini noodles is a lighter option with all the traditional flavors."

3: 3. "Gỏi cuốn with shrimp and quinoa is a nutritious take on these Vietnamese spring rolls."

4: 4. "Bún chay with tofu and lots of greens is a delicious and healthy alternative to the meaty version."

5: 5. "Healthy bánh xèo made with coconut flour is a tasty twist on this savory pancake."

6: 6. "Cá kho to with brown rice is a healthier version of this popular Vietnamese caramelized fish dish."

7: 7. "Healthy chả giò made with lean ground turkey is a lighter take on these crispy spring rolls."

8: 8. "Phở chay with lots of vegetables and tofu is a nutritious and flavorful plant-based option."

9: 9. "Bún bò Nam bộ with lean beef and whole grain noodles is a nutritious twist on this Vietnamese noodle dish."

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