1: 1. "Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting" - The story of a young boxer striving to become the champion. 2. "Kuroko's Basketball" - Follow the high school basketball team as they aim for victory.

2: 3. "All Out!!" - Rugby players with different skills come together to form a strong team. 4. "Giant Killing" - Soccer coach revives a struggling team with innovative strategies.

3: 5. "Keijo!!!!!!!!" - Female athletes compete in a unique and fierce sport involving using their butts and chests. 6. "Yuri on Ice" - A figure skater overcoming challenges to reach the top.

4: 7. "Free!" - High school swimmers forming a close bond and striving for greatness. 8. "Ping Pong the Animation" - Table tennis players with distinct playing styles face off.

5: 9. "Haikyuu!!" - Volleyball team's journey to overcome rivals and reach nationals. 10. "Days" - Soccer player’s journey from beginner to skilled athlete.

6: 11. "Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun" - Obsessive soccer player's quirks and talents on the field. 12. "Cheer Danshi!!" - Male cheerleading team pursuing victory with teamwork.

7: 13. "Taisho Baseball Girls" - Girls challenging societal norms to play baseball in the early 1900s. 14. "Air Gear" - Teenagers participating in extreme sports through rollerblading battles.

8: 15. "Slam Dunk" - Basketball series following a delinquent mastering the sport to win championships. 16. "Yowamushi Pedal" - High school cyclists competing in races with intense passion.

9: 17. "Prince of Stride: Alternative" - An elaborate relay race sport combining parkour and teamwork. 18. "Bamboo Blade" - Kendo club’s comedic journey to win competitions and improve skills.

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