1: "After Cities Skylines 2, Paradox Should Fill Another Old-School Sim Niche"

2: Why the success of Cities Skylines 2 opens up opportunities for Paradox to explore other classic simulation games.

3: With a proven track record in the genre, Paradox can leverage its expertise to revive old-school sim favorites.

4: Fans are eager for Paradox to bring back beloved titles like RollerCoaster Tycoon or SimCity.

5: Building on Cities Skylines 2 success, Paradox could breathe new life into classic simulation games.

6: The market is ripe for Paradox to capitalize on nostalgia with a modern twist on old-school sim games.

7: By tapping into the demand for classic sims, Paradox could create a new wave of simulation game enthusiasts.

8: After conquering city-building sims, Paradox has the opportunity to expand its reach into other beloved simulation genres.

9: With the success of Cities Skylines 2 paving the way, Paradox has the potential to redefine the old-school sim niche.

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