Age-related metabolic slowdowns make weight gain easier, especially around the stomach.

Age-related metabolic changes might cause abdominal weight increase. These alterations are caused by several factors:

A decrease in muscle mass might lower basal metabolic rate (BMR), making weight gain easier.

During menopause, estrogen decreases in women and testosterone decreases in men and women, affecting body composition.

A sedentary lifestyle might impede metabolism and cause abdominal weight gain.

This decreased energy expenditure might make weight gain simpler, especially if food is unchanged.

Insulin resistance, especially abdominal fat storage, increases with age.

Maintain muscle mass and metabolism via aerobic and strength training. Prioritize health-promoting activities.

A holistic approach to weight management must consider lifestyle, diet, and exercise. Healthcare specialists like dietitians and fitness experts can tailor advice to individual health needs and goals.

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