1: Marvel fans, get ready for a blast from the past! Austin Powers director is set to remake an iconic 80s movie with MCU stars.

2: Excitement is high as the director behind the hilarious Austin Powers series takes on a beloved 80s classic, now starring your favorite MCU actors.

3: Prepare for the ultimate mashup of nostalgia and superhero magic as Austin Powers director revamps this 80s gem with the talent of MCU icons.

4: Get ready to see your favorite Marvel heroes in a whole new light as the Austin Powers director breathes fresh life into this timeless 80s film.

5: The star-studded cast of MCU heroes is set to bring new energy and excitement to this revamped 80s movie by the visionary Austin Powers director.

6: Fans can expect a thrilling ride filled with humor, action, and heart as the Austin Powers director works his magic on this iconic 80s film with MCU stars.

7: Buckle up for an epic adventure as Austin Powers director teams up with MCU talent to bring a fresh perspective to this beloved 80s movie.

8: Anticipation is building for the new take on this 80s classic, as the Austin Powers director adds his signature flair to the project with MCU stars.

9: It's a match made in cinematic heaven as the Austin Powers director joins forces with MCU legends to create a modern-day masterpiece from an 80s favorite.

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