1: "Fans bid farewell as Blue Bloods concludes after Season 14. Tom Selleck and CBS release official statement."

2: "The beloved police drama reaches its final season with heartfelt messages from the cast and crew."

3: "Tom Selleck reflects on his time playing Commissioner Frank Reagan as the show comes to a close."

4: "CBS acknowledges the end of an era with gratitude for the dedicated fan base of Blue Bloods."

5: "As Season 14 wraps up, viewers prepare to say goodbye to the Reagan family and their crime-fighting adventures."

6: "The legacy of Blue Bloods lives on as fans celebrate the show's impact on television storytelling."

7: "Tom Selleck expresses gratitude for the opportunity to portray Commissioner Frank Reagan for 14 seasons."

8: "CBS thanks viewers for their support as Blue Bloods concludes its successful run on television."

9: "The end of Blue Bloods marks a bittersweet moment for fans and the cast alike, leaving behind a lasting legacy."

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