Building a Butterfly Garden to Bring Pollinators In

Local butterfly species can be attracted by selecting native flowering plants that produce nectar, like milkweed, coneflowers, and butterfly bush.

Bright colors, particularly red, orange, yellow, and purple, are what entice butterflies to vibrant blooms. To draw in various species, include a range of vibrant blooms.

Constant Blooming: To guarantee a constant supply of food for butterflies all year round, choose plants with distinct flowering seasons.

Sunshine: When it comes to eating and tanning, most butterflies favor sunny areas. Choose a spot that gets lots of sunlight for your butterfly garden.

Butterfly-Friendly Shrubs: To provide butterflies somewhere to rest and cover, plant shrubs with open flowers and dense foliage.

Pesticides should be avoided at all costs as they might damage beneficial insects like butterflies. Reduce or completely stop using pesticides.

Mud Puddles: Make little puddles of water in your yard; certain types of butterflies like to draw minerals out of moist soil.

Butterfly Houses: Build butterfly houses or other buildings to give butterflies more cover and a secure area to spend the night.

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