1: Burn Calories with These 18 At-Home Exercises Start your fitness journey with simple yet effective exercises to target belly fat.

2: 1. Jump Squats Engage your lower body and boost calorie burn with explosive movements.

3: 2. Mountain Climbers Strengthen your core and torch calories with this dynamic exercise.

4: 3. Plank Jacks Combine a plank and jumping jack for a total body workout.

5: 4. High Knees Get your heart rate up and burn fat with this cardio move.

6: 5. Bicycle Crunches Work your abs and burn calories with this classic exercise.

7: 6. Burpees Challenge your entire body with this high-intensity move.

8: 7. Jumping Lunges Sculpt your legs and boost calorie burn with this plyometric exercise.

9: 8. Russian Twists Engage your obliques and torch belly fat with this seated twist.

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