1: Discover the impeccably clean cat. Constantly grooming themselves, they maintain spotless fur and use litter boxes.

2: Uncover the hygienic habits of the fastidious dolphin. They clean themselves by rubbing against objects in the sea.

3: Learn about the neat freak elephant. Bathing in water and dust, they keep their skin clean and healthy.

4: Explore the pristine habits of the tidy giraffe. They groom each other and keep their coats spotless.

5: Unveil the immaculate meerkat. They groom each other, removing parasites and staying clean.

6: Reveal the meticulous penguin. They preen their feathers to maintain insulation and cleanliness.

7: Dive into the clean practices of the smart spider. They produce silk to create webs for trapping prey.

8: Examine the pristine pelican. Regularly preen their feathers and wings for flight efficiency.

9: Expose the clean hyena. They groom each other to remove parasites and maintain hygiene.

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