1: "Dragons Dogma 2: Best Maces Ranked" Discover the top maces in Dragon's Dogma 2 for maximum damage output.

2: "1. Mace of the Everflame" Unleash fiery devastation with the Mace of the Everflame, a top-tier weapon.

3: "2. Thunderclap" Electrify your enemies with Thunderclap, a powerful mace for stunning strikes.

4: "3. Ogre Bone" Crush foes with the Ogre Bone mace, a heavy-hitting weapon for brute force.

5: "4. Frostbite" Freeze enemies in their tracks with Frostbite, a mace that chills to the bone.

6: "5. Behemoth's Maul" Dominate the battlefield with Behemoth's Maul, a massive mace of destruction.

7: "6. Wyrmforged Mace" Wield the Wyrmforged Mace for piercing blows that shatter enemy defenses.

8: "7. Demon's Bane" Banish evil with Demon's Bane, a mace that deals extra damage to demonic foes.

9: "8. Dragon's Roar" Roar into battle with Dragon's Roar, a mace that strikes fear into enemy hearts.

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