Even after requesting your phone number, the guy has not phoned you. Here are some of the reasons why.

The question "Why hasn't he called?" is the one that every woman must have questioned herself at some time in her life.

When a male first encounters a new person and feels a sense of excitement, the first thing that he does is ask for the woman's phone number. After then, there is the time when you have to wait for the guy to call.

Why is it that males have a propensity to ask a lady for her phone number, but then they don't contact her? There is a possibility that you will have an infinite number of ideas on this. The following are some of the reasons why the man might be so bold as to ask for your phone number but would opt not to call you personally.

If you assume you were the only woman he saw that day/night, you may be incorrect. This guy may have solicited several ladies for their numbers and now can't recall yours.

Since he obtained your number, you may expect him to call the next day. You're secretly excited for it too. Some males like waiting before phoning. They wait a few days to think about how to approach you and analyze everything. They prefer not to rush or sound frantic. They'll call you at the right time.

The man hasn't phoned since he's preoccupied with other things or ladies. He may have other priorities that take up all his time. If he is a womanizer, his desire to see several women trumps his love for one.

Let's assume you had fun, he asked for your number, and he hasn't phoned since. You may have been too inebriated to recognize he wasn't interested in you or misread his adoration. You jumped the gun and anticipate him to call, but he wouldn't even that night.

If you had a good night and swapped numbers, he may be waiting for you to act. He may not feel safe texting or calling women, so he expects you to start. Informing women might be easier if men had the courage, but they would have to call you. Whether a guy likes you or is waiting for you is hard to tell. He may be in the second group if he was shy with you before.

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