Exercise for Seniors: Flexibility and Confidence

Walking is a low-impact, high-impact activity that strengthens lower body muscles, increases mobility overall, and improves cardiovascular health.

Chair Exercises: For those with restricted mobility, seated exercises such as leg lifts, seated marches, and seated twists help preserve muscle strength and flexibility.

Strength Training: Maintaining muscle mass, promoting joint health, and halting age-related muscle loss can be achieved by using resistance bands or small weights.

Exercises for Improving Balance: Tai chi, heel-to-toe walking, and standing on one leg are some ways to improve balance and lower your chance of falling.

Yoga and stretching: Mild yoga or stretching exercises aid in promoting relaxation, reducing stiffness, and increasing flexibility.

Swimming and water aerobics offer a low-impact approach to enhance cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and maintain joint health.

Cycling: Cycling helps build leg muscles and enhance cardiovascular health. You can ride a stationary bike or go for a leisurely ride.

Adapted Activities: Customizing workouts to meet the needs and preferences of each person guarantees a fun and safe fitness regimen that encourages long-term adherence.

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