1: Unlock the "Carving Out a Niche" side quest in Final Fantasy 16 by talking to the NPC in the Market District.

2: Head to the designated location and defeat the enemies to collect the rare carving materials needed.

3: Return to the NPC to craft a unique weapon or armor piece as a reward for completing the quest.

4: Explore dungeons and forests to find hidden carving spots for additional rewards and resources.

5: Upgrade your gear and abilities with the help of the crafting materials obtained from the side quest.

6: Challenge yourself with harder enemies and bosses to acquire even more rare carving materials.

7: Customize your character's appearance with the unique designs and patterns unlocked through the side quest.

8: Show off your skills and creativity by sharing your crafted items with other players online.

9: Master the art of carving and become a legendary craftsman in the world of Final Fantasy 16.

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