1: 1. Applying eyeliner after 40 can enhance your eyes. Choose gel or pencil liners for a softer look.

2: 2. Start with a primer to prevent smudging. Opt for a smudge-proof liquid liner for precise application.

3: 3. Use a matte black or brown liner for a natural look. Experiment with felt-tip liners for easy application.

4: 4. Avoid shimmer or glitter liners that can emphasize fine lines. Opt for waterproof liners for long-lasting wear.

5: 5. Winged liner can lift and define aging eyes. Try a brush-tip liner for a sharp winged look.

6: 6. Create a subtle, everyday look with a tightline technique. Consider a long-lasting felt-tip liner for precision.

7: 7. Double-line your eyes with a black and brown liner for dimension. Consider a creamy pencil liner for a softer look.

8: 8. Experiment with colored eyeliners for a playful twist. Choose a retractable pencil liner for a quick application.

9: 9. Finish your look with a smudge brush for a smoky effect. Invest in a high-quality gel liner for a professional finish.

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