How to Stay Active at a Sitting Job with Desk Exercises

Stretching at a desk: To relieve stress and increase flexibility, do seated stretches for your arms, legs, neck, and shoulders.

Chair Squats: To use your leg muscles and improve circulation, get up from your chair and return to a seated position.

Leg Raises: While seated, use your core and leg muscles to straighten and raise one or both of your legs. Lower after a brief hold.

Desk Push-Ups: To work out your upper body, perform modified push-ups on your desk by putting your hands on the edge and lowering your torso.

Marching while seated: To strengthen your core and increase blood flow to your legs, raise your knees.

Desk Dips: To strengthen your arms, perform triceps dips by lowering and rising your body off the edge of your desk.

Calf Raises: To activate your calf muscles while standing, raise your heels. Lower after a brief hold.

Mini Walks: Walk around the workplace or stretch your legs during brief breaks to improve circulation and lessen sedentary behavior.

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