1: Hunters in Destiny 2 rely on niche PvP-focused exotics for an edge in battles.

2: Exotics like Stomp-EE5 boots enhance agility, making Hunters harder to hit.

3: Wormhusk Crown helmet grants instant health regeneration, saving Hunters in tough fights.

4: Lucky Raspberry chest piece boosts arc abilities, perfect for quick takedowns in PvP.

5: The Dragon's Shadow cloak increases mobility and reload speed, vital in PvP scenarios.

6: Gwisin Vest grants additional super energy per kill, giving Hunters more chances to dominate.

7: Celestial Nighthawk helmet amplifies Golden Gun damage, ideal for one-shot kills in PvP.

8: Shinobu's Vow gauntlets improve Skip Grenade effectiveness, perfect for area denial.

9: Khepri's Sting gauntlets grant Hunters invisibility after crouching, ideal for surprise attacks.

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