Innovation in the use of pickle masala that has been left over from previous preparations

A delicious Indian dinner is incomplete without "Pickle," a sour and spicy condiment. Interestingly, pickles are a staple of Indian thalis. We enjoy pickles because of their variety! Each Indian area has its own pickle, which evokes nostalgia and changes the eating experience.

Achari bhindi with aloo fries are delicious, as everyone knows! The best side dish is crispy achari bhindi or sabzi. Have you considered using one or two spoons of masalas from your leftover pickle bottle? This time, try it and enjoy the taste!

Rice lovers should try this combo. Stir fry vegetables, add a teaspoon of leftover pickle masala, and add cooked rice. Your tasty achari rice is ready.

Spread this wonderful pickle masala on your sandwiches to make Indian-style or idli sandwiches. To impress your family with a handmade sandwich, blend this masala with pudina chutney and top it with tandoori paneer or chicken.

If you like homemade chutneys and quick sauces, reuse your achar masala to make them better. Make a puree of your favorite chutney and temper it with a spoon of leftover pickle masala instead of amchur powder (mango powder) and lime juice to boost the flavor.

Add achar masala to your monotonous curries and sabzis to make them wonderful. The spicy-tangy flavor will enhance your meal.

Take leftover pickle masalas and make wonderful samosas, kachoris, and mathris by filling or mixing them. Mix it into dough or filling. Your dishes will taste great regardless of how you cook them.

With leftover pickle masalas, you can spice up boring parathas. Mix and finely mash the veggies, add a teaspoon of pickle masala, and enjoy achari parathas. The leftover pickle masala contains the ideal quantity of oil and spice to make crispy parathas; simply add a teaspoon when kneading the dough.

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