It seems like Chip Kelly will stop at nothing to return from UCLA to the NFL.

It would appear like Chip Kelly is eager to leave UCLA and return to the NFL.

According to a source that did not include any precise details last month, Kelly "has been mentioned" by numerous head-coaching hopefuls as a possible offensive coordinator for the upcoming season. His name was no longer mentioned after that.

We reported earlier this week that Kelly might be holding out hope that the Raiders will recruit him. According to NFL Media's Ian Rapoport, Kelly was reportedly interviewed "at least twice" by the Raiders.

 Kelly, according to Rapoport, "appeared open to a return to the NFL." Yes. Yes, he is. The fact that the Raiders interviewed him twice is proof of this.

And he hasn't given up on the Bruins just yet. According to Jeremy Fowler of, Dan Quinn, the new coach of the Commanders, "is believed to have interest" in Kelly, and "Washington will consider talking with him."

Almost laughable is the clumsiness of Kelly's camp's effort at subtlety. He obviously wants to get back in. And it's clear that he's the one actively seeking out possibilities, rather than the other way around

If the clubs in issue weren't so keen on pursuing and hiring Kelly, rumors like Fowler's would have more weight.

Which means Kelly does indeed want to be let back in. Still, the theater is nearly sold out.