PA automated voter registration increases sign-ups, but not political parties, data suggests(Part-1)

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania – In the state of Pennsylvania, which is considered to be a presidential battleground, new data from automated voter registration at driver's license centers reveals that the number of people signing up to vote has increased, that the participants are virtually evenly divided between the major parties, and that they do not considerably favor one party over another.

Since Governor Josh Shapiro announced the move in September to make it easier for people to register to vote and for counties to maintain voter rolls, the most recent data, which was issued on Wednesday by the elections office of Pennsylvania, tallys little over four months' worth of new voter registrations.

In comparison to the number of people who signed up at driver's license facilities during the same time period two years earlier, this data reveals a roughly forty-five percent rise.

Despite allegations made by Donald Trump that Democrats will exploit the new method to "steal Pennsylvania," it also reveals that there has been little change in the political composition of people who have registered to vote under the new system.

The newly implemented system for automatic voter registration, which is currently the subject of a lawsuit filed by Republican MPs, has, if anything, been favorable to the Republican Party.

According to the statistics, out of around 47,300 new voter registrations, 35% of them decided to register with an independent or third party, 34% went with the Republican party, and 31% registered with the Democratic party. 

 As a point of reference, during a comparable time period two years earlier, there were around 32,500 new voter registrations. The distribution of them was as follows: 35.5% of them were Democratic, 34% were independent or affiliated with a third party, and 30.5% were Republican.

It wasn't until only lately that the state began publicizing the documents. According to the numbers provided by the state, Democrats hold a minor lead in terms of voter registration in Pennsylvania, totaling around 45% of voters compared to 40% of Republicans. The margin of the party, on the other hand, has been continuously decreasing over the course of the last decade.