PA automated voter registration increases sign-ups, but not political parties, data suggests(Part-2)

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, different variants of automatic voter registration have now extended to 24 states and the District of Columbia

 This is a continuation of the trend that began in 2015 when states began implementing the legislation. The vast majority of these are left-leaning, but they also include states like Alaska, Georgia, and West Virginia that are ruled by Republicans.

When individuals go to a driver's license facility in Pennsylvania to get or renew a license, the computers there create a prompt that conveys the message that they will be registered to vote "unless you decline to register." This is the new method that Pennsylvania has implemented.

In the past, users were prompted to indicate whether or not they desired to register, and they were required to select a box that indicated "yes."

After the National Voter Registration Act was approved by Congress in 1993, it became mandatory for states to provide voter registration services at the locations where driver's licenses are issued.

Nevertheless, Republicans expressed concern that the implementation of automatic registration in Pennsylvania might result in unauthorized voting. A group of conservative state lawmakers filed a lawsuit against it in federal court last week, arguing that the governor did not have the ability to adopt it without first receiving consent from both the legislature and the governor.

The administration of Shapiro has stated that it has complete legal power in accordance with the laws that were already in place in the state and that it already had safeguards in place to prevent noncitizens or anyone under the age of 18 from being provided registration.

Other states that have implemented automatic registration, such as Georgia, which is governed by Republicans, have reported an increase in registrations and have confirmed that there have been no issues with noncitizens entering their information.