1: "Lisa Vanderpump's new spinoff show, Vanderpump Dogs, is officially confirmed by Peacock."

2: "Get ready for a paw-some new series featuring Vanderpump and her adorable rescue pups."

3: "Join Lisa Vanderpump as she spreads love and compassion for animals in Vanderpump Dogs."

4: "Follow the heartwarming stories of rescue dogs finding their forever homes in this exciting spinoff."

5: "Watch as Vanderpump's passion for animal welfare shines through in every episode of Vanderpump Dogs."

6: "Discover the adventures, challenges, and heartwarming moments of Vanderpump Dogs on Peacock."

7: "Get ready to laugh, cry, and fall in love with the adorable dogs of Vanderpump's rescue organization."

8: "Tune in to Vanderpump Dogs for a dose of joy, compassion, and furry cuteness with Lisa Vanderpump."

9: "Experience the magic of animal rescue and advocacy with Lisa Vanderpump in Vanderpump Dogs, streaming on Peacock."

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