Pre-draft "smokescreen" for Caleb Williams against Bears rumors(Part-2)

cRiley's claims are supported by league conversations. Williams seems willing to play in Chicago and not force his way out like Eli Manning or John Elway.

The Bears' hiring of Shane Waldron as offensive coordinator may have eased Williams' fears. Waldron worked with the QB Collective, where Williams is training before the draft. Waldron's scheme is comfortable for Williams and designed to help a young quarterback.

The Bears picking Williams first on draft day is the most likely scenario as of Feb. 6.

The pre-draft rumor mill intensified when the Washington Commanders signed Kliff Kingsbury as offensive coordinator over the weekend. Last year, Kingsbury was USC's senior offensive analyst and quarterbacks coach. Kingsbury gets along with Williams, and Williams' camp trusts him to make him a terrific quarterback.

They have a great relationship," Riley said "Good Morning Football" regarding Kingsbury and Williams. Caleb had Kliff, which was great. In a perfect world, would I want them together? That would be fantastic. But we know plenty will happen between now and the draft."

The Bears have all the cards. Poles can choose Williams, Justin Fields, or Drake Maye to spearhead his reconstruction. Teams may fill pre-draft space with rumors about Williams being anti-Bear to hurt him, but they're unfounded.

Riley, who knows Williams best, believes the 2022 Heisman Trophy winner wants to win.

Top draft team Bears have the finest foundation. Williams will not join the 0-16 Detroit Lions or Cleveland Browns. His new squad hopes to win the NFC North in 2024. One that should provide him a gentle NFL landing and give him the rocket fuel he needs to realize his talent's potential.