1: "Ray Donovan Spinoff: Paramount Picks Up Series After 4-Year Hiatus"

2: "The Original Series' Legacy Lives On in New Spinoff at Paramount"

3: "Fans Rejoice as Ray Donovan Makes a Comeback on Paramount Network"

4: "Excitement Builds for Ray Donovan Spinoff Series on Paramount Network"

5: "Paramount Network Grabs Ray Donovan Spinoff After 4-Year Pause"

6: "Ray Donovan Spinoff: New Adventures Await in Paramount Series"

7: "After 4 Years, Ray Donovan Spinoff Finds New Home at Paramount"

8: "Ray Donovan Spinoff: What Fans Can Expect from the Paramount Series"

9: "Ray Donovan Spinoff: The Wait Is Over for Fans as Series Heads to Paramount"

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