1: Susan Lucci excitedly reveals progress on All My Children spinoff series. COVID situation impacts production schedule.

2: Fans eager for return of beloved soap opera. Lucci hints at new storylines. Stay tuned for updates.

3: AMC spinoff in the works. Lucci shares behind-the-scenes glimpse. COVID precautions taken seriously.

4: Lucci teases exciting developments in AMC universe. Production hurdles due to COVID restrictions.

5: Potential spinoff series sparks interest among loyal AMC followers. COVID challenges delaying production.

6: Lucci optimistic about All My Children spinoff. COVID safety measures in place on set.

7: AMC fans buzzing about spinoff news. Lucci hopeful for future. COVID protocols impact timeline.

8: Lucci opens up about progress on AMC spinoff series. COVID precautions adding to production timeline.

9: All My Children spinoff on the horizon. Lucci shares insight on COVID's influence. Stay tuned for updates.

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