1: Simone Biles, the Queen of Springs, shines in gymnastics. But what about her personal life?

2: Her husband caught some flak for calling himself "The Catch". How did Simone respond?

3: "I'm the one who wears the pants," Simone says with a smile. Power couple goals, right?

4: Critics can't bring down the queen. Simone stays focused on her goals and stardom.

5: The Catch and the Queen prove that love and success can go hand in hand.

6: Simone's grace on and off the mat makes her a role model for all.

7: No matter the criticism, Simone's talent and spirit shine through.

8: In gymnastics, love, and life, Simone reigns supreme as the Queen of Springs.

9: Follow along as Simone continues to soar to new heights, shutting down haters with style.

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