Weak core muscles and posture can cause belly obesity.

Weak core muscles and poor posture can cause abdominal fat, but it's important to understand how they affect body composition.

Poor posture and back pain can result from weak core muscles. Planks, bridges, and abdominal workouts strengthen the core.

Weak core muscles, extended sitting, and poor body mechanics can cause poor posture.

Excess calories, sedentary lifestyle, and hormonal changes can cause belly fat.

Mix cardiovascular exercises like brisk walking or jogging with strength training to lose weight.

Support optimal posture at work and home with ergonomic changes.

Physical therapists and fitness specialists can provide specific advice if difficulties continue.

While strengthening core muscles and improving posture can improve appearance, spot reduction (dropping fat from a specific place) is rarely done with standalone exercises. Maintaining a healthy body composition requires a holistic fitness and well-being approach.

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