1: Olivia Pope, the determined fixer on Scandal, could inspire a new spinoff series for ABC. Her fierce resilience and complex relationships make for gripping television.

2: Jake Ballard, the mysterious and enigmatic character on Scandal, has the potential to lead his own spinoff. His secretive past and conflicted loyalties would captivate audiences.

3: Cyrus Beene, the ruthless political mastermind on Scandal, could anchor a spinoff exploring his dark and manipulative world. His scheming and ambition would make for compelling storytelling.

4: Abby Whelan, the tough and loyal Gladiators on Scandal, may have a spinoff in her future. Her sharp wit and no-nonsense attitude would make for a compelling series.

5: Mellie Grant, the ambitious and resilient former First Lady on Scandal, could inspire a spinoff delving into her rise to power. Her journey from victim to victor would enthrall viewers.

6: Huck, the tortured and deadly former B613 agent on Scandal, might lead a spinoff exploring his dark and violent past. His struggle for redemption would make for intense drama.

7: David Rosen, the idealistic and determined Attorney General on Scandal, could star in a spinoff uncovering corruption and fighting for justice. His unwavering commitment to the law would resonate with audiences.

8: Quinn Perkins, the spirited and resourceful Gladiator on Scandal, may have a spinoff showcasing her evolution from assassin to hero. Her strength and determination would inspire viewers.

9: Rowan Pope, the enigmatic and formidable father figure on Scandal, could anchor a spinoff delving into his shadowy past. His quest for power and control would create a riveting series.

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